Today's Tarot Card is The Empress. Read more to know your day in detail.

This card stands for birth and growth. This is the fertility card and all its attributes point towards the same. The planet associated with the card is Venus, which is always associated with female, strength and nature. The number of the card is 4, which is the number of contrasts there are to complete unity. The element associated with the card is Earth- the symbol of fertility and giving. The card, essentially, stands for emotion, sexuality and giving.

This is a pure card that is extremely friendly. The Empress card actually symbolizes the friendly, approachable character of the female archetype. The Empress is a maternal card and symbolizes all the features associated with a maternal figure. This is a compassionate and merciful card.

This card lays too much emphasis on the emotions. This is not a card of intellect or of thought. This could lead one to a life of happiness and satisfaction, but this thinking would be horrible for conditions where analysis or thoughtful detailing is required. The Empress card might be so emotionally motivated and so reliant on happiness that it might refuse to believe or accept reality as it is. The card could also stand for a person who is greedy and lacks self control, especially when it comes to matters of self- indulgence.